Concerns - The Ranch
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If you have a patient safety concern on concern about individuals served at The Ranch, please make us aware of them as soon as possible.


The Ranch P.O. Box 42 Buckeystown, MD 21717

Call | Fax

Phone: 301-874-4701 Fax: 888-965-0597

Visit (by appointment)

7902 Fingerboard RoadFrederick, MD 21704

To ensure your concerns are fully addressed:

  • Briefly describe your complaint.
  • State only the facts and attach copies of any supporting documents to assist in the complaint.
  • Include your name, address and daytime phone number.
  • Include the name of the person whom the complaint is against as well as the patient involved.
  • Indicate an acceptable resolution of your complaint.
Typically, complaints are resolved within 60 days.

If you have a patient safety event or concern about The Ranch and you are not satisfied with the resolution from The Ranch, you may contact The Joint Commission.

The Ranch has a temporary limited accreditation with The Joint Commission.
Please submit the documentation in the format that was requested above by:


The Joint CommissionOne Renaissance BoulevardOakbrook Terrace, IL 60181